Memorials and Keepsakes

We can help you to choose a lasting Memorial and guide you through the process step-by-step.



We have a large range of Memorials for you to choose from and most styles, carvings and type of stone can be interchanged as you require. 

We have brochures which you can take away and look at before coming to your final decision as we understand that this an important decision that needs to be thought out fully.

It can take about 12 weeks for the Memorial to be erected however it is worth the wait.

We can also arrange any Additional Inscriptions, Cleaning, Repairing, Re-Gilding and Re-Painting to an existing Memorial to be completed.


We also do smaller memorials and Urns to remember your loved ones, if you choose not to have a headstone there are still plenty of other ways to keep them close.

Here is a selection of our full size urns, mini walnut and glass keepsakes and a wooden heart keepsake.

Candle Keepsakes

If you are looking for something different we have some beautiful candle keepsakes which can hold a small amount of ashes.

These are lovely our Heart and Mini Urn keepsakes.

Our beautiful memorial boxes allow you to hold your loved ones ashes and keep some of your memories inside with them.

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